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Designed by the Japanese architect Hirosawa Eiichi, Asia Pacific Hotel is the first green hotel that has indoor eco-walls. Guests can live in a building filled with sunlight, fresh air and water; they will be embraced in the environment surrounded by green eco-walls that stand alone among the metropolitan areas. Undoubtedly, Asia Pacific Hotel is the second-to-none choice in Tamsui for those who pursue the atmosphere of human culture.

Situated in Tamsui downtown, approximately 7 minutes by walk out of MRT exit, Asia Pacific Hotel makes use of simple designs and colors to perform the high class and luxurious elegance. Painted glass glitters bright blue in the evenings. The unique location and architect design has been surely making The Hotel stand out in Asia Pacific.

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Guest rooms

Over 120 rooms are classified into 3 themes, different from the other traditional design. Each of room has unique and elegant bars with bright and modern bathroom space. It definitely brings surprise and enjoyment to our guests.

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Aqua Banquet Hall

Aqua Banquet Hall is famous for rippling with green waves while rays of sunshine reach the hall through the green walls. Our guests will be able to enjoy novelty and delight brought by the natural phenomenon.

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The lounge is the area our guests can enjoy tranquil. With simple design and the displays of craft arts, they are indulged in a stress-free environment, appreciating beauty of craft arts made in Taiwan.

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Green Court

The architect design is filled with sunshine, air and water; it also integrates with nature through plant walls. The green is flowing in the garden while rays of sunshine arrives in the daytime and stars glitter in the evening – how romantic.

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Green Restaurant

Modern furniture that goes well with the simple design style, surrounded by French glass, our guests are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the hall while they have nice Chinese food.

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AP Gallery

A variety of art crafts and special local products are on display on an irregular basis. Craft Taiwan is invited to exhibit the original ceramic art during on opening ceremony. AP Gallery is intended to integrate the local arts and human art to extend the spirit of local life.

About Services
Parking Lot

We have parking services for all our guests, either they stay in the hotel or use our conference or dinning services.